Platform Overview

AltaGrade platform is a company brewed operating system that is specifically tuned to provide the best performance for Drupal, Backdrop and Wordpress websites.

A typical AltaGrade server has specialist operating system stripped off everything that is not needed to run Drupal, Backdrop and Wordpress, which ensures that all of the resources and server space used for the purpose of your application websites. However, the software packages of an individual AltaGrade server can be extended with any other scripts and programs needed by customer application any time upon request.

AltaGrade platform is built on RHEL-based Linux, Apache, MariaDB, PHP stack and carefully tuned Drupal, Backdrop and Wordpress specific scripts and programs like Varnish HTTP reverse proxy cache, Memcached distributed memory object caching system, Apache Solr, Drush, WP-CLI, GIT and others.

AltaGrade platform comes with very powerful control panel that enables a regular user to easily perform many important server administration tasks like controlling all the above-listed programs and almost everything else that is usually done by Linux experts in SSH. AltaGrade control panel also allows one-click deployment of the latest secure versions and distributions of Drupal, Backdrop and Wordpress.

AltaGrade platform comes with highly secure firewall and brute force detection system which protects your websites from all intruders, sniffers and other malicious scanning programs. You do not have to worry about security anymore - we will monitor all the network traffic and if and when necessary immediately enforce even more strict protection measures.