Paragraphs jQuery UI Accordion has been ported to Backdrop

Paragraphs jQuery UI Accordion has been ported to Backdrop


This is to announce the initial release of Paragraphs jQuery UI Accordion module for Backdrop. Initially created for Drupal by Maksym Shakhrai, the module is now ported to Backdrop by AltaGrade team.

Paragraphs jQuery UI Accordion is a module to create paragraphs with accordion effect in your Backdrop website's content. It based on jQuery UI Accordion plugin which already included in core, so no need to install additional libraries.


  • Ability to use it together with other paragraphs bundles
  • Ability to use several accordions on the same page
  • Unique SEO link hashes (multilanguage support)
  • Optional autoscroll to active paragraph (admin toolbar support)
  • Configurable accordion options
  • Completely standalone and flexible (not depends on specific entity types and fields)


  • Ensure Paragraphs module is enabled.
  • Install this module using the official Backdrop CMS instructions.


  • Create new paragraphs bundle eg. 'accordion_paragraph'
  • Add text fields for Title and Description to created bundle
  • Add a new paragraphs multiple field to your content type or entity.
  • Go to your entity's Manage display screen and choose Paragraphs jQuery UI Accordion for the format
  • Select proper fields for Title and Description
  • You are now ready to add Accordions to your entity!


Bugs should be reported in the Issue Queue.

Also look at the project's page on

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