Do you have a Drupal website? Consider switching to AltaGrade!

Do you have a Drupal website? Consider switching to AltaGrade!


Leverage the power of Drupal on AltaGrade hosting platform using tools which let you build, scale and deliver Drupal websites and applications offloading the management and maintenance of all platform-related issues to AltaGrade!

Because of our managed service delivery model, AltaGrade platform eliminates the need of organizations to maintain complex hardware, software and network infrastructure for their Drupal websites. With AltaGrade platform it’s easy for individuals and enterprises to concentrate on just running their online businesses, because everything is managed by AltaGrade: operating system applications, runtime, data, middleware, virtualization, servers, storage and networking.

AltaGrade Platform

AltaOS is a company brewed operating system that is specifically tuned to provide the best performance for Drupal, Backdrop and WordPress websites. It is built on RHEL-based Linux, Apache, MariaDB, PHP stack and carefully tuned Drupal, Backdrop and Wordpress specific scripts and programs like Varnish HTTP reverse proxy cache, Memcached distributed memory object caching system, Apache Solr, Drush, WP-CLI, GIT and others.

A typical AltaGrade server has specialist operating system stripped off everything that is not needed to run Drupal, Backdrop and Wordpress, which ensures that all of the resources and server space used for the purpose of your application websites. However, the software packages of an individual AltaGrade server can be extended with any other scripts and programs needed by customer application any time upon request. AltaGrade's enhanced server infrastructure utilizes server resources to match your website’s infrastructure and resource needs at optimum levels.

Control Panel

AltaGrade servers come with very powerful control panel that enables a regular user to easily perform many important server administration tasks like controlling all the above-listed programs and almost everything else that is usually done by Linux experts in SSH. AltaGrade control panel also allows one-click deployment of the latest secure versions and distributions of Drupal, Backdrop and Wordpress.


Nothing can damage your reputation more than hacking. As a Drupal specific hosting provider we also offer automatic updates for core and contributed modules. However, securing your Drupal website doesn’t end with implementing general hacks on the website: substantive on server-side security measures must be taken.

AltaGrade servers come with highly secure firewall and brute force detection system which protect your websites from all intruders, sniffers and other malicious scanning programs. You do not have to worry about security anymore - we will monitor all the network traffic and if and when necessary immediately enforce even more strict protection measures.


You won't find better support for your Drupal website anywhere else: incepted initially many years ago as a Drupal initiative, we still remain a primarily Drupal-centric hosting provider. Breathing Drupal we know how much Drupal and Drupal support is different from the needs of any other type of website. We do provide our customers with all the best options and features that are fully compatible with the ins-and-outs of Drupal such as Varnish, Memcache, Composer, Git, Apache Sol, and many more.

Using our very comfortable ticketing system you can request support for any kind of Drupal-related issues and we will do our best to help you promptly.

You can also invite your developers, accountants and other associates to your team and manage the members of your organization assigning them different access levels to Billing, Support and Sales department tickets.


AltaGrade team has been providing Drupal-specific services since in 2003. Over the years the number of our customers has grown to such an extent that we now have dozens of Drupal-optimized servers at different locations around the world. We serve a wide range of customers from individual bloggers to small, mid-sized and large companies to international agencies such as the UN, International Organization for Migration, Asian Development Bank, World Trade Organization.

While growing our company and client base, we have learned and continue to develop the best ways of configuring our platform to host Drupal websites. We are proud of our accomplishments and looking forward to many more years of successful service to our current and new customers.

COVID-19 Discount Campaign is ending soon!

As a response to the COVID-19 crisis back on March 20, 2020 we announced a free hosting plan for non-profit organizations. Not long after that we extended our free hosting offer to anyone whose family member was a health-care specialist serving the Coronavirus-infected patients anywhere in the world, and came up with the new COVID-19 relief discounts.

And even-though the world is still in the midst of COVID-19 crisis, as matter of fact such major pharmaceutical companies as Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca have already announced highly efficient coronavirus vaccines. And according to U.S. Department of Health & Human Services' Operation Warp Speed aims to produce and deliver 300 million doses of safe and effective vaccines in USA with the initial doses as early as by January 2021, which hopefully will provide the US economy more stability and certainty.

Taking the above facts into consideration, this is to announce AltaGrade is planning to end COVID-19 discounts on December 31, 2020 for new subscriptions. All existing customers who subscribed to AltaGrade hosting plans with COVID-19 discounts will keep them indefinitely as long as they have active hosting plans with us. Therefore, if you wanted to give a try to our Drupal-specific hosting services, then we strongly recommend to subscribe to AltaGrade with COVID-19 relief discounts now or any time before January 1, 2021!

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